Tuesday, 25 November 2008

For Women's Space

Commenter: Rachel Setzer
Just because it's more rare for men to be abused by women doesn't mean that it's okay to marginalize those men who are abused by women. It DOES happen and is JUST AS wrong (not more wrong, not less wrong, JUST AS wrong) when a woman abuses her male intimate partner. Nevermind that all of this debate about whose more abused men by women or women by men completely ignores those people who are gay and abused by their intimate partners.

In my opinion, intimate partner abuse and violence needs to be addressed as a whole, focusing on heterosexual as well as homosexual men and women. It may be that most survivors of domestic abuse are heterosexual women, but that doesn't mean that the heterosexual men and homosexual men and women should be ignored while we deal with the so-called "real problem". Perhaps we should focus more on preventing abuse and violence on the end of the abuser rather than who gets shamed by whom on the victim end of things.


  1. Honestly, Cheryl stuns me. What on earth is wrong with that comment? Why on earth wouldn't she publish it? It's not insulting, it's not trollish, it is dealing with the topic of the post in an intelligent and respectful way.

    On her site Cheryl has the most long-winded comment policy I've ever seen, but all it boils down to is, "anyone who does not agree with me will not be published"

    She must be very shaky in her beliefs if she is this scared of dissent.

  2. "What on earth is wrong with that comment?"

    Oh, oh! Ask me! It includes a demographic she has a hard time weaseling into. Male = Icky, and as a 'political lesbian' apparently, so is possible sex. As opposed to that Clear Eyed Lezbean Gaze' she witters on about.

  3. Yep, to Cheryl all men are icky, except for her husband that is!