Sunday, 30 November 2008

For Rage Against The Man-chine

Post: BDSM (the sexual equivalent of being into Renaissance faires) Part 2: The Problem with Kink

Commenter: Snowdrop Explodes
The question that springs to my mind is, "what did these adverts say?" (that's both the male submissive and the female submissive ones that you mentioned).

Secondly, why did you not explore the responses to an advert as a female dominant?

Thirdly, as someone who would presumably fall into category 1 above, I must tell you that I do not in any way shape or form suggest that it is a "natural feminine desire", and to be honest, I've seen quite a few male dominants who take great exception to being tarred with that brush. I do admit that there are some who definitely do go down that route, but kindly afford them a separate category.

The other thing that seems quite rare is to describe sexual fantasies in a first contact message.

Furthermore, you appear to be unaware that these different types of responses are frequently discussed on BDSM community websites such as and so you've not really "discovered" anything we didn't already know. The proportion of tosspots responding to BDSM personal ads is likely to be similar to the proportion of tosspots who respond to vanilla personal ads, so again, you've proved nothing. Except, of course, in the BDSM community there tends to be more vociferous condemnation by *all* genders of the tosspots, than in vanilla life.

Your analysis is meaningless without knowing what your advert said, and being able to know what exactly you invited by it.

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