Thursday, 15 January 2009

For Laurelin in the Rain

Post: Moral Outrage

Commenter: SnowdropExplodes
Even though you've promised not to post any more comments from me, I will respond to a few of the claims made about me - whether you see this as fair response (and therefore worthy of being seen by others), or you see it as belligerence (and therefore not), I will leave to you.

1/. "...if you are called misogynistic (so far not by me as I do not know you) by feminists I’d advise you to reconsider your attitudes and behaviours towards women."

To date only people who don't know me have called me a misogynist. I am constantly reassessing my behaviour and attitudes towards women, and "examining". My understanding of the definition of misogyny from reading and listening to women makes me feel confident in my statement.

2/. "Funny how Snowdrop takes a post about moral outrages against women and our justifiable anger about them and manages to make it ALL ABOUT HIM because obviously he is the most interesting subject here bar none."

Well, maybe it wasn't about me, but there's some discussion elsewhere about the possibility that it was about me and others like me - some people are cynical about statements like "the misogyny of men who claim they are ’sex positive’." on radical feminist blogs, and (perhaps incorrectly) reach a conclusion that the writer meant ALL men who identify as sex-positive.

3/. "Snowdrop is the chap who reckons he’d rather be a prostitute than a cleaner, thus it’s OK for women to be prostituted for men’s use."

This is a distortion of my statement at The F-Word, and you know what, it would be nice if there were a link to my original post on my blog - where you'd find the sentiments "no-one beat me, nor violated the very boundaries of my body, nor did they call me names, nor did I have to pretend I enjoyed the cleaning, nor did I run the risk of being arrested should someone find me in my pinny." echoed pretty closely. As I said, I'm a sex-positive feminist. That means I think that sex workers should be able to do their work without fear of those things happening, too.

Monday, 5 January 2009

For Maggie Hays - Feminist Against Pornography

Post: Rape Increase in a Rape Culture

Commenter: Caroline
And this rape culture will get a hell of a lot worse with the anti-prostitution laws you support. Rape and assaults have DOUBLED this year following the changes in law in Scotland and it's set to happen in England and Wales. Maybe start reading these "pro-porn" blogs you dismiss so ignorantly and see how you can actually help.