Monday, 17 November 2008

For Women's Space

Post: Julie Bindel on Sheila Jeffreys’ New Book on the Sex Trade, “The Industrial Vagina”

Commenter: Renegade Evolution
Not that it will matter, but hey, I am that bored/amused/having nothing better to do at the moment.

First, ah, the time honored favorite of “you must be a man!” from Sis. That one never seems to get old! Also, I do believe Hexy answered you regarding money, but oddly enough, her comment never made it through moderation…it happens frequently round these parts. For the record, we are both women, btw.

And then, why yes, Sam! I do not own nor film the scenes on “WhoreAbuse” (no new content for said site has been shot in years, and none of it was ever shot by me). I’ve never actually filmed another woman in any pornography that I, personally, have made, and in anything I’ve ever done, there is no question that it is made willingly and there is nothing “rape like” about it. Rough and rape are not synonymous. Have I listed the names of sites I’ve been on or things I’ve made? No. Why, well, as Sis has contended in the past, I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I was a marketing front or only blogging so people would buy my pornographic products, and further more, it’s not necessary.

And lastly, Satsuma:

A woman has a right to define and name her own experiences for herself. You seem to think you have a right to do it for everyone. Now, unless you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the women you are discussing (be they sex workers or merely women who watch porn) have been raped, sexually abused, or molested, you really should stop making such accusations towards her, for her, and over her. Further more, you should stop assuming that even if such things have happened, it renders her incapable of making decisions for herself. After all, I would be willing to be a lot of women who are not privilged lesbians, as you say, like you, every day women to oh, a great many radical feminists, have been raped, sexually abused, or molested…and if you are going to go on about how such things eliminate agency…well then, we’re looking at possibly ¼ of the women on the face of the earth who don’t have any. You really want to go there?

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