Thursday, 23 October 2008

For Women's Space

Post: Clinton-Palin and Obama-McCain

Commenter: Daisy
Why would a rabid anti-abortionist consent to be on the ticket with a dedicated abortion rights advocate? You would WANT this?

How is that a feminist view?


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  3. How is the McCain Palin ticket "feminist" in ANY way, is what I want to know. How is it "feminist" to keep insisting that it's somehow no worse to have McCain in power than Obama?

    Yes, obviously, it's anti-feminist to indulge or engage in knocking Palin at the level of "lipstick on a pig" or some of the crap I've seen around--there was a graphic of a male arm knocking her teeth in, this was supposed to be "funny," I guess. Hi, yeah. I'd say the same for Coulter or anyone.

    but ffs that doesn't mean I still don't think she's a scary right-wing fundie who shouldn't be anywhere NEAR the office and is about as "feminist" as Pat Buchanan. So she happens to be a woman. So what. Is Phyllis Schlafly now a "feminist," too? Hey, she's a woman with a lot of clout and visibility. Apparently that's all that matters, amirite? I mean McCain's even against giving teeth to "equal pay for equal work," let alone reproductive rights or sexuality (p.s. fuck you very much, Miz Family Values).

    Look, she's not some delicate little flower. She's a rootin' tootin' moose huntin' proto-fascist who'd gladly see any number of us under any number of buses and wink while she's doing it. Let's not pretend otherwise: it's insulting to pretty much everyone.

  4. Heart doesn't let anything thru that may her in any sort of unfavorable light.

    And WTF is she on about in those comments?

  5. Says CLS: "I, myself, am a candidate for President. I have an entire blog dedicated to the subject I have been writing about this for months."

    Oh hell -- me too, then!
    I officially announce I am running for president!
    Vote for Kim!

    Do even her devoted reader take this "campaign" seriously, I wonder?

  6. Hmmm, yeah, cos that's how you win a presidential campaign you know: blogging.

  7. I mean, she's actually running for president of the most powerful country in the world, and she can't even sort out the comment moderation on her goddamn BLOG?