Saturday, 21 February 2009

For Apostate

Post: Gender Stereotypes

Commenter: Daisy Deadhead

I do despise religious people.
Just for being religious, even though you have not met me? Despite
the content of my character, or whatever else I do or say?
Where I come from, we call that "prejudice" and it is a sign of
backward ignorance.

I am careful to avoid the blogs of people who believe in that sort
of nonsense.

Sounds like someone who is still quite influenced by fundamentalism,
and afraid to leave their comfort zone.

It beats me why you keep reading me if I offend you as much as I
obviously do.

Ain't skeered to read stuff. I enjoy reading, have read all the major
atheists, Jews, Muslims, you name it. I live damn dangerously!
Also, I believe that nothing "offends" me in the way you use the word
here. I am "offended" by cops beating up a man until he is blind (as
I wrote about yesterday). I am offended by persecution, violence,
bloodshed, troops deployed, billions of working-class retirement
dollars down the shitter.
Bloggers disagreeing? Not so much.

Nothing I have read by Barzun has been explicitly or even
implicitly Catholic.

Are you kidding? Wow. Obviously, this is because you are not
Catholic. He reeks with it. As Flannery O'Connor's stories reeked
with it, although (in her fiction, not essays) she never once said the
word. As James Joyce reeked with it, although constantly trashing
it. It is the moral framework they write in, the delineating of
cardinal virtues, etc.

A quickie 2-second Google search on "Jacques Barzun Catholic"--turns up this quote about San Antonio:

Interviewer: So as a historian, the mixed nature of San Antonio,
both Mexican and Anglo Texas, must fascinate you.
Barzun: I like the effect a strong Catholic community has on thought
and feeling, and public occasions.

And that is a good deal closer to my sensibility than to yours
or Barefoot Bum's, wouldn't you say?

As for drawing a parallel between me and my personal likes and
dislikes and what goes on in the fem blogosphere - it’s pretty lame.
Try again. Lame, my ass.
You did drive-by insults against an entire demographic group of
feminists you have not even met. An insult based on prejudice. And
then you have the temerity to criticize other feminists as
petty, self-righteous assholes. ((shakes head in abject amazement at
the lack of self-awareness))
Fine, be as hateful as you wanna be, but realize, you are part and
parcel of the phenomenon you complain about.

I am not starting huge arguments about how much religious people -
moderate and radical alike - suck.
But you tried to, didn't you? You left a whole paragraph of derailing
hate speech on that thread, and fortunately, folks had the good grace
to ignore your traumatized-ex-fundie spiel. Good for them.
But that last comment, about the assholes... too amazing to ignore,
and I just couldn't.

I refuse to take responsibility for my hatreds, in other words.

Yes, that is obvious. Well, don't expect MEN or anyone else, to take
responsibility for theirs, either, then. (Time to fold your feminist
tent and go home!)
Colloquially, that is known as "talking the talk, but not walking the
walk"--and garners mostly guffaws and disrespect from serious people
who have been activists as long as I have.
Grow the fuck up and TAKE responsibility, like you expect the guys to

And again, please stop reading if you are so offended, instead of
leaving snarky comments from time to time. Good christ, woman, you
MUST have better things to do!

Sorry, you need to hear it. You have the potential to be a serious
feminist activist, and I consider it my job to inform you of your lack
of insight, your hate speech and your continuous mistakes. Delete my
comments if they are too painful to deal with or read, as you
carefully protect your delicate eyes from blogs that might give you
the vapors.

But please, do not ask of other humans (men) what you admit is too
difficult for yourself. That is called hypocrisy.

(Comment copied, in case I need it for Lina’s blog, IN THE MODERATION


SECOND COMMENT, after banning:

An ATHEIST who resorts to censorship? Say it isn't so.
For the record, you cannot say you are a feminist, while also bragging
you hate most of the women in the world. You GET that much,
right? As Trotsky (real communist, not a fake one, like you) would
have said, that is an intrinsic contradiction.

The rest of the feminist blogosphere gave up on me a long time
Yes, and I finally get it now--it's because you aren't really a
feminist. In fact, you are proud of HATING feminists who are
religious and censoring feminists who disagree with you. And then you
self-righteously whine that feminists are petty assholes! You are a
fucking RIOT--you really should take this act on the road.
This is the first atheist blog that has ever censored me... I think it
is telling that you are an ex-fundie. Old habits die hard, yes?
Scratch the "atheist" and we see a cowardly fundamentalist underneath,
unable to debate, and afraid to read something that might scare her.
(But hey, ain't she a bwave, naughty wittle girl over on Professor

Daisy, take it elsewhere
If you insist.


  1. The initial comment by Apostate was on this thread at Professor WhatIfs. (I referred to the following paragraph above, when I said, "But you tried to, didn't you?")

    Apostate wrote:

    The feminist blogosphere is VERY correct and proper. There is a huge orthodoxy, on race issues, on sexuality issues, on major progressive themes, on language. on religion. I don’t think this is a bad thing, but it makes it hard to embrace outliers like me who might otherwise contribute to the conversation. For instance, I personally violate the religion orthodoxy (I hate Muslims and Islam and religious people in general), I am not all that sensitive about language (once called an Islam-apologist feminist a bitch, insist on continuing to use verboten words like “lame” and I like my gendered insults, such as prick), I refuse to include Sean Bell in my list of feminist issues, I often say I hate men, I am publicly glad when misfortune is visited upon my enemies (anti-choice Andrew Sullivan is HIV positive - yay! Marc Ambinder is ugly - yay!) and other such horrifying things. No wonder nobody links to me!

    Renee has also posted about this paragraph.

    And I will probably post at some point about how Apostate perfectly illustrates the true danger of fundamentalism: they produce the kind of ongoing intolerance that can only exchange one type of intolerance for another. She was raised to think dogmatically--and now, she is as rigidly dogmatic about her feminism and atheism as she used to be about religion.

  2. But that last comment, about the assholes... too amazing to ignore, and I just couldn't.

    This refers to her comment, later in the same thread: "What a lot of petty self righteous assholes the feminist blogosphere is full of." --after saying YAY for someone being HIV positive and after proudly declaring she hates most women in the world.

  3. anti-choice Andrew Sullivan is HIV positive - yay!>>


    Okay, no. Call me "a petty self righteous asshole" then; I'd rather be "a petty self righteous asshole" than a flat out "terrible person." I have no love for Sully, but. -jesus.- no words.

    and if the "Islam apologist" is who I think it is--hell, anyway, considering the rest of it: she can fuck off. and here I was just somewhat warming up to her again.

    "now, she is as rigidly dogmatic about her feminism and atheism as she used to be about religion."

    no kidding.

  4. She always was a hater. She once said in a thread titled "I hate men"
    "I am not absolutely unreservedly sorry that men get raped in prison, and this is notwithstanding that I dislike the entire system of imprisoning people and find it corrupt to the core. I realize I should be sorry, but nevertheless, there is a quiet, immoral, savage part of me that is satisfied."

    Her comments about Andrew Sullivan dont surprise me at all.

  5. "there is a quiet, immoral, savage part of me"

    that IS her. All of her, not just part.

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